Stylurus falcatus

The dragonfly species, Stylurus falcatus, has been found ONLY on Lago de Chapala which is in the states of Jalisco and Michoacán.

My mentor, @dennispaulson, has written to me about this species and said,
"Kathy, ....The type specimen was from Lago de Chapala, and that’s where I found them common (both matures and tenerals) at two localities on the lake shore in August 1965. I think the record from Michoacan is on the same lake, so right now I believe we know it only from that lake. The lake is in terrible shape (read about it in Wikipedia if you didn’t know this), which raises questions about the status of the species. It has never been assessed for the Red List, but it certainly should be. If you know anyone who lives in upland Jalisco, you might ask them to try to find it, as it might be in real trouble."

I am working on creating a webpage/PDF about the species found in Jalisco. Here is a page from it (not to scale though). IF YOU COULD FIND THE TIME TO LOOK FOR THIS SPECIES AND POST IT ON INATURALIST, please do!!

Thank you for reading this and I hope you will try for it.
Kathy Biggs

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Hello! I just wanted to update about the Red List assessment: it was included in the list for the Latin American assessing group in 2019 and we in the Mexican team worked on it. It will be published in the Red List website soon, unfortunately there's so little information and records of this species that it ended up in the "Data Deficient" category. It is currently impossible to determine its conservation status due to the lack of sampling for the species, but the threats of the lake are certainly a serious issue for this species.

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Thanks for this information!!
I'm monitoring this area and encouraging folks to go there.

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Dang, I wish I was interested in Odes when I was down there two years ago! I was only a birder then, and only happened to photograph a couple species of Odonata. If I ever end up in that area in the future I'll make sure to look!!

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Hope you get back there ! If you haven't, please post those photographs you did take!

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