Photo guide for New Zealand's filmy ferns

We've just put a draft photo guide to Aotearoa's filmy ferns onto Te Papa's website.

The 28 pages can be freely downloaded as a pdf from this link.

If you're already comfortable identifying filmy ferns, this still might be a useful resource to share with those who are learning, including on iNaturalist.

Also at that link above are draft photo guides for New Zealand's tree ferns, Blechnaceae, Lycopodiaceae, and Pteridaceae.

Feedback welcome.

I'm thinking I might next work on Dryopteridaceae and Aspleniaceae, but am open to requests.

[Tagging those with the most Hymenophyllaceae observations and identifications in New Zealand during the last year]
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Really good easy to understand guide, just one thing I feel it’s missing, it’s probably not very accessible to people very new to ferns a key for some terms like stipe, rachis, exactly what frond division means etc would probably be really helpful for some people.

Publicado por benjansss hace más de 1 año

thanks @benjansss. Jargon is a problem. I've been trying to avoid it as much as possible, but think we will need to begin the overall guide with a page or two that explains and pictures the specialist terms that we feel we do have to use.

Publicado por leonperrie hace más de 1 año

Good effort! Yes plz a jargon translator for us amateurs plz 🙂

Publicado por dave_holland hace más de 1 año

Great photos and descriptions.

Perhaps the URL could be more specific e.g. Hymenophyllaceae rather than ferns_and_lycophytes ??

Publicado por johnb-nz hace más de 1 año

Thanks Leon! Looks great!

Publicado por reingered hace más de 1 año

@johnb-nz I've asked for a shorter URL!

Publicado por leonperrie hace más de 1 año

Excellent Leon

Publicado por joepb hace más de 1 año

a really nice guide - photos at first brief glance show key morphological features very clearly which is very helpful when IDing the tricky ones

Publicado por david_lyttle hace más de 1 año

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