The Scavenger Hunt List

  1. An example of camouflage
  2. A plant growing out from the water
  3. A mushroom
  4. A fish
  5. A pupa
  6. Something fuzzy
  7. Something spiky
  8. Something having a meal
  9. A symbiotic relationship
  10. Something growing on or out of a man-made object
  11. An animal with more than 8 legs
  12. An animal with no legs
  13. Something that lives in a shell
  14. Something yellow and black
  15. Something brown and white
  16. Something purple and green
  17. Something really common in your area
  18. Something not native to your area
  19. A bee native to your area
  20. Something classified as a threatened species
  21. A feather
  22. An animal track
  23. Mating behavior
  24. A plant gall
  25. A leaf mine
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