UML potential new club - anyone interested who studies at UML can join

INaturalist has been a journey that has always been an eyeopener. Learning what is invasive, introduced, endangered, and native and the connections of everything around us as an ecosystem and the fragile nature of things. At the University of Massachusetts Lowell, we believe in conservation, education, and preservation. Together we should try to catalog the life around the campus and the incredible diversity behind it. We should try to showcase the ecosystem around the city and the campus and demonstrate that nature is everywhere and should be protected. Learning about the invasive organisms around us helped to map their location and potentially find tiny organisms never recorded on this site. Together this could be educating and eye-opening, and I hope everyone finds it so. This is an idea in progress; hopefully, soon, it can be a recognized club Please check out "University of Massachusetts Lowell INAT study"

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