Rana kukunoris and Rana chensinensis

The last problem of Rana frogs in Northeast Asia is to distinguish Rana chensinensis from Rana kukunoris.
Rana kukunoris, who recently appeared on NCBI, seems to have a rough answer.
Rana kukunoris is widely distributed in China Jirin and seems to have a lot of variety.


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That's really interesting! And I would love to know more as well! There are two things I'm curious in your post:

some R. chensinensis cluster with R. kukunoris, would that be mis-identification?
the node support values are really weak in some cases. Would the tree have the same topography with a different analysis?


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Other analytical methods were similarly divided into three.
And I think that a lot of experience is needed to distinguish Rana kukunoris from Rana chensinensis.

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