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  • (Click on the resources tab, and click Beginner. There are a bunch of things there that you might find interesting.)

California Ecosystems:

This is an excellent series by Erika Zavaleta, Ph.D., professor at UC Santa Cruz. Highly recommended!

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This is a fantastic list! So comprehensive. I will refer to it often. TYSM for sharing your favorite resources :-)

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@aparrot1, you're welcome. You have a very impressive reference list yourself!

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Can you please add your discussion for Erodium? I can't seem to find it.

Publicado por sdash hace más de 1 año

@sdash, the way I've documented Erodiums and other species in the Geranium family is in the Project Journal.
Here is the main umbrella project:

Each of the Erodium species has its own subproject. Select the subproject of interest and then click on the Project Journal button to see the "how to identify..." and "how to differentiate..." info for each species.

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Wonderful, thank you! Sorry, I'm not so familiar with the Journals and navigating resources through Projects, so I appreciate it!

Publicado por sdash hace más de 1 año

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