INat reports of undescribed Australian Moth species ... the lost ANIC entries

There is a growing number entries of undescribed moth species from Australia for which
images match closely with ANIC entries in BOLD Systems database. As there remains no
means by which to search these through iNaturalist, a central location for these entries
may serve to facilitate identification of these species. I am starting with my own but hope
this becomes a comprehensive listing across identifiers.


Aristeis sp. - ANIC 8;

Artiastis sp. ANIC3;

Barea sp. - ANIC 11;

Compsotropha sp. ANIC1;

Garrha sp. - ANIC 39;

Garrha sp. - ANIC 97;

Lepidoscia sp - ANIC 1;

Machetis sp. - ANIC 8;

Parocystola sp. - ANIC 1;

Philobota sp. - ANIC 5;

Oxysemaphora sp. A;


Chrysonoma sp. - ANIC 2;

Philobota sp. - ANIC 139;

Philobota sp. - ANIC 124;

Philobota sp. - ANIC 78;

Xylorycta sp. - ANIC 34;

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