Moth Mis-matches in BOLD Systems V4

BOLD specimens are the defacto gold standard for much of Australian
moth ID. So to have uncovered more than a dozen conspicuous errors
in placement is cause for some concern. Here I will begin a listing of the
more obvious errors.

The page for Oenochroa

includes this entry
which represents
Oenochroma subistraria

The page for Philobota

is erroneously populated by a

and a

Pantydia sp. (or similar);

This "Dasygaster padockina";
is a
Paralaea ... not dissimilar to P. chionopasta;

Picromorpha ... includes odd one out


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Those are quite spectacular errors.
Worth dropping a line to Len Willan perhaps:
There are also numerous geospatial errors with BOLD [not as bad as with plant material at AVH], understandably with poorly documented old specimens, but also some simple stuff like substituting the actual collection site with the repository site.


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I do notice that the mismatches lead nowhere in the system.
A click on the 'Public Data' link leads to 'zero results'

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there may be some clean up ongoing. An Anestia I found among Epitymbia is no longer present, although I did just add a misplaced Paralaea.

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Report errors to .

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Hi Victor,
This is definitely not the right medium to get in contact with you (for which I apologise), I'm trying to reach out in relation to using one of your images for an educational resource. My email is I would love to use your image of Hypolepis muelleri with acknowledgment if ok. Would love for you to get in touch! Thanks, Sophie

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