Moths of Australia: Project Listing

I have created several 'projects' under the iNaturalist banner whereby one
may quickly view those moth observations for the respective political
entities within Australia. While one can draw up search parameters to get
the same, here is a quick reference list already eliminating butterflies and
restricting the list to research grade sightings only.

There are three features that enhance this type of listing.

1) The discrete map provides an at-a-glance sense of the coverage of the respective area ... moreso than the standard map presentation.

2) Under Overview, the observations are present by default as the most recent ... an easy way to keep up with the latest additions.

3) the export feature for collating observations for reports.

Stats below as of this writing:

Queensland, 11, 471 observations, 1625 species

New South Wales and the A.C.T. ... 15, 448 observations, 1337 species

Victoria ... 945 observations, 308 species

Tasmania ... 493 observations, 247 species

Western Australia ... 414 observations, 177 species

South Australia ... 223 observations, 115 species

Northern Territory 47 observations, 38 species

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