Noteworthy finds in Lawrence County during the July 2019 expedition.

Odes by Day, Moths by Night: Wayne NF-Ironton Unit
A listing of the insect fauna within the Wayne National Forest - Ironton Unit, Lawrence County, OH.
Cumulative observations here ...

The effort included dragonfly surveys of Hanging Rock OHV, Lake Vesuvius, Timbre Ridge Lake, and Smith Hollow Lake from Sunday 7 July through Wed. 10 July. Several Ironton Unit wetlands in Gallia and Scioto Counties were visited (e.g. Cadmus , Sand Fork, Superior, Wolcott) but are not included in this review of Lawrence County.

UV Lights were set up at three different campsites No. 32 (Sun), No. 31 (Mon), and No. 9 (Tue). for mothing etc. Conditions were ideal Sun evening with heavy cloud cover, little wind, high heat and humidity.

Taxonomic Breakdown of Observations
Odonata: 24 species, 78 observations

Coleoptera: 18 species, 26 observations

Lepidoptera: 150 species, 318 observations (includes 6 species of butterfly, 7 obs.)

plus 17 other observations of invertebrates.

Noteworthy finds in Lawrence County during the July 2019 expedition.
According to the Ohio Dragonfly Survey, the following species of Odonata were added to the county list.

Comet Darner - Hanging Rock OHV park
Powdered Dancer - Lake Vesuvius (below the dam)


Swift Setwing (state rarity) was first located in the county at Lake Vesuvius in 2018. It was relocated there on this visit. An observation at Hanging Rock OHV park adds a new location for the species.

Rare moths:

... a southern species north.

the Black-marked Inga Moth, Inga sparsiciliella, is normally found south of the Mason-Dixon line save for the eastern seaboard where it ventures to central NJ. They have been observed as near to Ohio as the Daniel Boone forest near Booneville, KY*. This is roughly 95 miles to the sw.

*checked against Moth Photographers Group map here ...

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