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I've been Coordinator for the National Capital PRISM since January 2021. One of my responsibilities is to implement the Invader Detectives program. This program trains and supports citizen scientists in the early detection of alien species entering the District of Columbia or any adjacent jurisdiction. If you would like to learn more about becoming an Invader Detective, please contact me by hitting the blue message icon at the top of this page. My other responsibilities include supporting and coordinating numerous types of events among NatCap PRISMs many members.

Before joining NatCap PRISM, I worked for Empire Landscape as an invasives removal professional, and before that I was an Extension agent for the University of Maryland and I taught and wrote about native plants and invasive plants.

I enjoy spending as much time as possible outdoors, hiking, botanizing, and killing invasive plants, and of course, reporting observations on iNaturalist!

Most of my photos would be taken with my TG-4 Olympus, which I adore for its compact size, excellent optical zoom, and microscope lens, but as Murphy’s law would have it, I see the most interesting subjects when all I have with me is my iPhone.

Happy iNating, everyone!

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