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I have always loved to observe, learn about, and get into nature, so i created an account on inaturalist. I've been on inat for about 5 years now, and i'm really getting to know the site! I like to share observations with other naturalists, and I'm glad to help others with theirs too! I'm constantly going on inaturalist doing research and making observations. I'm also on bugguide as "bugwhiz" and like to make contributions there as well! Inaturalist has taught me a lot, and helped me learn about nature. My favorite things to study are birds, insects, marine life, and ecosystems. I have many projects, such as reptile o rama bioblitz, which is a bioblitz involving reptiles, observations of the amazon, which focuses on the Amazonian rainforest region, and mantis mania, which has beautiful observations of insects in the family mantodea. This is nature tracker, signing off!

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