Gordon Lau

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Wildlife biologist born and raised in the Bay Area. I am broadly interested in the biogeography, phylogenetics, and ecology of wildlife, with a special passion for herps and a budding interest in disease ecology. I received a BS degree in Molecular Environmental Biology from UC Berkeley. I was a GIS/biodiversity informatics curatorial assistant at the Museum of Vertebrate Zoology in UC Berkeley and a laboratory assistant at the California Dept of Public Health working on arthropod-borne diseases. I received my MS degree at SF State University studying amphibian disease ecology. Since then, I have worked as a vector control ecologist for Santa Clara County, and am now a wildlife biologist in the Santa Cruz Mountains, Mt Hamilton, and Monterey County conducting biological assessments of wildfire burned areas. In my spare time, I play accordion, piano, and go on spontaneous hikes to see everything that nature has to offer. Shameless plug: please follow me on Instagram @accordiongordon for my wildlife posts!

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