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Alan Rockefeller is a mycologist, public speaker, biohacker and photographer who lives in El Cerrito, California.

In 2001, he began his studies in the field of mycology, beginning with the fungi of California. Since then, he has traveled to various countries to collect and study mushrooms and has photographed more than 1,000 species of fungi from Mexico and 1,000 species from California. Through phylogenetic and microscopic analysis, he has identified several species not described in the scientific literature.

Alan regularly identifies mushrooms for several fungus fairs in Mexico and the USA in addition to identifying fungi on websites such as iNaturalist, Mushroom Observer and Facebook.

His work has been recognized by The New York Times, The Washington Post, Scientific American, Discover Magazine, Ars Technica, Smithsonian, San Francisco Chronicle, Newsweek, VICE, Dallas Observer, Arizona Daily Sun, Chicago Reporter, Smoky Mountain News, Benzinga, Ancient Origins, The Union of Grass Valley, KCRG, Filter, Yahoo Finance, East Bay Express, Boulder Weekly, The Verge, Mother Nature Network, Social News Daily, International Business Times, iNews, CBC Radio, TreeHugger and Interesting Engineering.

I do a lot of mushroom ID's - if you have any questions about why I used the name I did, don't hesitate to ask.

IG: alan_rockefeller
Facebook: Alan Rockefeller
Email: My name at gmail, without the underscore

If I don't respond to an @, I forgot to reply or missed it, please @ me again if it's been a while.

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