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Interested in birds , butterflies , botany , etc. I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Wildlife Biology from North Carolina State University . I have some background in horticulture . I chased my first rare bird when I was twelve and started pursuing butterflies when I was less than nine years old . I have hiked at Mount Diablo hundreds of time ( working there too for two years ) and have helped collect hundreds of plants for the herbarium at Sunol-Ohlone Wilderness . I took up nature photography in 2004 and I use Nikon Coolpix cameras , and also briefly a Canon Power Shot . I have lived in California`s San Francisco Bay area since 1980 after being raised on both sides of the USA- Canada border and three states along the East Coast . My travels are mostly around the San Francisco Bay area . I also enjoy trips to the Sierras , especially in Alpine County or at timberline . My profile photo is a self portrait from September 2010 ( the tall one is me ) .

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