Navin Sasikumar

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I'm an amateur urban naturalist from Philadelphia. I started out as a birder, but going out birding made me interested in everything else I came across. I branched out to butterflies and dragonflies and I'm slowly expanding to everything else though plants are still quite challenging. I primarily go out observing nature within the city of Philadelphia, rarely venturing outside city limits. I hope to expand knowledge of urban wildlife here and show people that they don't have to go out of the city to observe cool wildlife. I'm also the organizer for the City Nature Challenge for the Philadelphia area. If you are interested in participating or have any questions, please send me a message.

I love using iNaturalist not only to record my observations but also to expand my knowledge of certain species. If I'm learning a new genus/family and can't really go out into the field to observe them, I like to use the Identify tool and filter by the family/genus and look at a bunch of pictures.

These are the top species I still need to find in the city of Philadelphia:

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