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Marine scientist specializing in seaweeds (PhD, MSc), with soft spots for marine invertebrates, mosses, and houseplants in the wild. Focus mostly on the northeast Pacific, but with experience in Aotearoa/New Zealand, Hawai'i, and elsewhere.

Feel free to tag/@ me for IDs. I tend not to leave comments due to the sheer volume of IDs I make, but I'm always happy to answer questions. Similarly, I may not see a disagreement due to the high number of notifications I get, so please @ me for discussion, happy to retract any mistakes I make.

Tips for photographing seaweeds for ID

  • Flatten and spread out the specimen as much as possible
  • Try to show the branching pattern (large or small) and any texture/veins in the blade; a white background can help with smaller finely branched species or those with veins (your hand will do in the field)
  • Include a wider habitat shot: what the seaweed is attached to, how high it is in the intertidal, and the species around it can help give context
  • For kelps, a picture of the holdfast, stipe, and base of blade can help distinguish some similar species.
  • BUT not all species can be ID'd photographically, some require microscopic images of cell structure, reproductive structures, or other internal structures.

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