Liz Gottlieb

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Teacher, PRNSA California naturalist, runner, explorer, life long learner

I have been a teacher my entire career. My teaching interests and values focus on science literacy, social and environmental justice, climate action, natural history and eco-local literacy. I began teaching immediately after college via Teach for America in Compton, CA. I taught middle school 7 and 8 grade science. I then moved north to the Bay Area and I have been teaching in an independent high school for 20+ years. I teach Biology, Advanced Biology, Environmental Science, Climate Justice & Chemistry. I taught an expeditionary blendEd online course called Wilderness Studies that immersed students in wilderness areas like the Great Burn Recommended Wilderness & PT. Reyes National Seashore and encouraged participants to think about the value of, history and future of public lands. I have also developed and taught an online blended field ecology course and a course called "Participatory Science, Outdoor Experiences" that introduces high school students to iNaturalist & citizen science projects. I participated in PRNSA's California naturalist program in August 2016. My goal is to help foster natural history, climate action education and empower youth to get outside, ask questions, engage, act and learn about their environments. I am eager to continue developing my naturalist skills.

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