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Identifying plants, mushrooms, their compounds, and uses. I like to give more or should I say find more information about a species than just it's name. I believe that when you add a story to something, you're more likely to remember it than just trying to memorize it's name.

One of the basic good way to identify any mushrooms is to show a photo for the cap, underside surface (gill, pore), the stipe and the base of it if it available. If you don't at least show these shots, your chance of having it identify by other would be lower, because peoples wont have much to works with.

A further step that would help with the identification for mushrooms is the taste (make sure to spit it out), pore, bruise color, smell, location/habitat, host tree species if the sample was growing on a tree, and the respond to KOH.

If you need to remove or dig up the whole mushroom to obtains those information, goes right ahead, there are no problem with removing or digging up a mushrooms sample, their mycelium do not get harm from this. A mushroom do not behaves like a plant, as far as I know, they do not get shock, tress and die when you rip their fruiting(mushroom) from the mycelium that present in the tree, soil, or leaves debris.

Happy hunting

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