Utain Pummarin

Unido: 16.abr.2018 Última actividad: 16.jul.2024 iNaturalist

I am a Nature Educator and Conservation Biologist
Bioblitz organizer of https://www.inaturalist.org/projects/city-nature-challenge-2024-bangkok-metropolitan-region-thailand

  • 2020- current Using citizen Science track illegal bird trade in Thailand, My
    contributions to Wild Birds in Cages project on iNaturalist (global online platform).

  • Teach children to let them immerse in Wild bird and their habitats and easy ways to
    conserve birds in Citizen Science events of Thailand, Such as City Nature
    Challenge 2024 and Thailand Bird Fair 2024.

  • Promote Citizen Science in Thailand (Act as a citizen scientist)
    Collect data on the unique biodiversity of birds and upload your findings to leading
    citizen science online platforms eBird and iNaturalist. (focus on Wildbird in Cage
    project on iNaturalist and Sensitive species list on eBird)

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