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Captive Organism Observations

Several people have asked recently if they can post butterflies at the Butterfly Garden or jaguars at the zoo because they are not "wild" organisms. The simple answer is, yes, but also read the FAQ on the subject so you can be consistent with all other iNat users:

"Checking captive / cultivated means that the observation is of an organism that exists in the time and place it was observed because humans intended it to be then and there. Likewise, wild / naturalized organisms exist in particular times and places because they intended to do so. The main reason we try to flag things like this is because iNat is primarily about observing wild organisms, not animals in zoos, garden plants, specimens in drawers, etc., and our scientific data partners are often not interested in (or downright alarmed by) observations of captive or cultivated organisms.

Since this tends to be kind of a gray area, here are some concrete examples:

Captive / cultivated
--zebra ...más ↓

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This project records observations by students and faculty participating in the Mesa Community College 2016 La Selva, Costa Rica Study Abroad (BIO149AI and ART142) Courses.

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