Diario del proyecto ADNOC Mangrove Restoration by drone Bio Blitz

05 de junio de 2023

Congratulations to our successful Bio Blitz at Al Nouf for World Environment Day!

We had a great turn out for the Al Nouf mangrove bio bllitz. It was a scorching hot day and we are thank you everyone was sun-safe and wore their hats and sunscreen and stayed hydrated throughout the morning time.

We even had time to for a cooling down and splash in the water. During this time, one of our youth volunteers (Maryam) found a juvenile seahorse in the water bottom of the shallow water. This was an incredible find as we didn't expect a juvenile seahorse in this area. It just confirms the importance of our eco system services (eg mangroves) and the benefit it provides for all its inhabitants. We also found a flathead fish which we didn't expect ether.

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