Australasian Fishes findings: Feb - March 2019

Australasian Fishes now contains over 49,000 observations (>2100 species) uploaded by more than 1500 people. The table below shows some interesting observations uploaded during February and March 2019. For more details contact Mark McGrouther.

Total observation summary:
Subject Number of observations
Range extension / first record 117
Diet / feeding 27
Parasite / fungus 22
New species / newly described     11
Colour pattern 26
Damage / injuries 18
Courtship / reproduction 28
Behavioural information 15
Publicado el abril 9, 2019 04:56 MAÑANA por markmcg markmcg


Awesome finds! @markmcg Now more than 50,000 observations!!! :D

Publicado por henrick hace casi 5 años

Thanks @henrick. The project is ripping along. 🙂

Publicado por markmcg hace casi 5 años

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