Lord Howe Moray at Narooma

The Lord Howe Moray, Gymnothorax annasona, is an Australian endemic species that occurs at Lord Howe Island and Norfolk Island as well as Elizabeth and Middleton Reefs. It has also been recorded from Swansea, New South Wales. View the Australian Faunal Directory species page.
Back in March 2014, @percha photographed an individual at Narooma, New South Wales, about 400km south of Swansea. Moray expert @johnpog stated, "From memory there was another sighting of this species at Narooma about 5-10 years ago". It is possible that @percha's observation is the same sighting.
Thank you @percha for uploading this 'historic observation', @johnpog for your comment and @dentrock for bringing this observation to my attention.
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