The #Anacostiabioblitz is here!!

I'm calling you Anacostia River experts!!! @jmgconsult @mellis @treichard @carrieseltzer @treegrow @belyykit @hholbrook @abookb @muir @mstrecker @reallifeecology @woodcut55

You guys have been leading the Biodiversity of the Anacostia River! Make sure you keep the awesome observations and ID's.



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I took several photos today while I was out and about, but haven't uploaded them yet. Unfortunately, I'm leaving for Ohio to attend my grandpa's memorial service this weekend, so I really won't be able to contribute much during this time. I will try to go through and do IDs, but probably not until Sunday.

Hope the rest of you can spend more time than me in the watershed, and hope the weather cooperates for Saturday's events!

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Lots of lovely insects were out to be photographed today! Uploaded to iNaturalist and shared out on Twitter (@jmgconsult). Can't wait to be out observing tomorrow : )

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Oh shucks. Looks like I am going to miss the bioblitz this year. I’m out of town until next week. Probably won’t be able to do much id’ing while I’m on the road either. Try again next year.

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I dove into my yard yesterday then came to visit family but I will be back for the blitz this afternoon. Looking forward to the fun. Is the group open yet? I kept getting 404 messages when I tried to post to the Anacostia Bioblitz yesterday morning or maybe we don’t need to post these on that group? Anyway I am definitely going to participate. Frederick.

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@woodcut55 you shouldn't need to add your observations to the project since they'll automatically be included (is that what you were doing when you got the 404 error?). You can also send a screen shot to help @ inaturalist if the problem persists.

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Yes, I was loading observations and trying to add them to the Anacostia Bio Blitz weekend group and got the error codes and Opps notice that wasn’t valid.

Publicado por woodcut55 hace más de 5 años

Tried again and it is 422 error still not possible to load from the app to this 4 day group I will let Jorge figure it out or who ever sets the inclusion automatically.

Publicado por woodcut55 hace más de 5 años

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