Weekly statistics between September 27, 2020 and October 3, 2020

225 observers made 1086 observations between Sunday, September 27 to Saturday, October 3. Among the top five observers, @stephen220 observed 55 examples of life in the Anacostia watershed; @dtread1 contributed 50; @jmgconsult contributed 47; @katiehodge contributed 42; and @jackieq12 contributed 41. Rounding out the top 10, @woodcut55 contributed 41; @jose_diaz_ramirez contributed 24; @gazingglobe contributed 32; @treegrow contributed 29, and @smoore_catcount contributed 26. 109 people contributed one observation, 31 people contributed two observations, and 12 people contributed 3 observations. Plants stayed in first place (373 observations), followed by Insects (264 observations). Fungi (170 observations) jumped in front of Birds (Aves) (91 observations). Amphibia has 1 observation, and Animalia and Protozoa each had three observations.

A few highlights of observations are provided below, to celebrate the wide variety of life found in the Anacostia watershed. All observations are welcome, every contribution helps document the magnificent diversity of our community. Thank you to everyone who contributed observations this week!

@emilio_c Largemouth Bass
@emilio_c Northern Hog Sucker
@carytting Arrowhead Orbweaver
@hholbrook White-banded crab spider
@stephen220 American Kestrel
@claremoore Cooper’s Hawk
@stephen220 Gray-cheeked Thursh
@mstrecker Prairie Warbler
@droidwrestler King Alfred's Cakes
@ecovrar Black Blister Beetle
@jackieq12 Fragile Forktail
@jmgconsult Golden Sweat Bee

Observations this week, by Taxon:
Actinopterygii 14
Amphibia 1
Animalia 3
Arachnida 30
Aves 91
Fungi 170
Insecta 264
Mammalia 43
Mollusca 7
Plantae 373
Protozoa 3
Reptilia 49
(blank) 38

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