The City Nature Challenge starts in one week!

Hello San Francisco Bay Area nature enthusiasts! We hope you're as excited as we are about the City Nature Challenge, starting Friday, April 26! There are over 150 cities around the world taking part this year, all of us working together to document nature in metro areas globally.

Starting at 12:01 am on the 26th and going until 11:59pm on April 29th, any observation made in the San Francisco Bay Area (all 9 counties that touch the Bay, and in the Bay itself! - see the map on the front of this project page) will be automatically added to our SF Bay Area City Nature Challenge project. Feel free to get out there and make observations on your own, or join in one of the many events being held by organizations all around the Bay Area during the 4 days of the challenge to meet other naturalists in our area.

From April 30 - May 5, we have time to get all our observations uploaded and work on getting as many identified as we can (come to our ID party on May 1!). Results will be announced on Monday, May 6, but you can check out all the observations coming in from around the world from the cities using iNaturalist on our City Nature Challenge umbrella project, and you can see the full leaderboard (includes the cities using a platform other than iNaturalist) on the City Nature Challenge website.

We can't wait to see what we all find - here in the Bay Area, and around the world!

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