We're almost ready to kick it off!

We have only 6 hours to go for the start of the Philadelphia City Nature Challenge! Are you excited? We sure are! There's a lot of wildlife you can find in the Philadelphia region and we want you to find it all (with proper social distancing, of course)! Here's a link to a target list of species you can find in the next 4 days ordered by how common they are.


This includes all species that have been seen in the area in the months of April and May. You can also filter by certain 'iconic taxa' (iNat's terminology, not mine). So if birds are your thing, you can filter by that. Prefer plants instead? Or fungi, or insects, or arachnids? You can filter by all those too.

As people find the target species and upload them to iNat, it will drop off of the targets list. There will be a bit of a delay since iNat servers get pretty busy during the CNC and we store the target species list for a bit to avoid taxing their servers even more. The top ones are fairly easy to find, but as the challenge goes on, it will be harder to find some of them. You can also click around to see what NYC or DC have seen already that we haven't yet (it'll become more useful once the CNC starts). How far down the target species list can we get?

Good luck everybody! Happy hunting!

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