16 days, Landmark 14PA50, and Nature Conservancy Canada - Manitoba Division lends a hand

Landmark 14PA50 is in the RM of Tache. The town of Landmark is located just east of its centre. The Seine River and the river lots running perpendicular to it cross the northern portion of the square. The remainder of the square is divided by mile road grids and drainage ditches. Agriculture dominates the land use in this square.

At the time of posting, 5 observations had been uploaded by 4 observers. Lots of room to fill in the blanks here.

The Nature Conservancy Canada-Manitoba Division is helping to raise awareness of the upcoming City Nature Challenge event by promoting it on their website here.. They also let me know about an upcoming webinar hosted by their Alberta region discussing the benefits of iNaturalist data on April 26th at 6:30 pm (free, pre-registration required). The presenter is Matt Wallace (@wowokayyes), very active in the Calgary City Nature Challenge as well as actively encouraging other Canadian cities to join in on the fun.

The main City Nature Challenge website is refreshed with resources for this year. If you or someone you know would benefit from checking out videos or reading through activity plans related to the event, this is the place to go. They are actively looking for feedback on their resources to improve the experience particularly for people new to iNaturalist and educators interested in using iNaturalist in their learning toolkit.

Here in Manitoba, iNaturalist continues to make gains - as of the time of posting, 90,152 observations of 4,474 species have been posted by 3,020 observers. 8,547 of these are observations made since January 1 of this year. Last year in the same period, 1,498 observations were made. We are well on our way to breaking that 100,000 milestone sometime this summer.

Looking at all of Canada, there are 4,508,886 observations of 28,149 species by 102,462 observers at the time of posting and globally, 61,512,695 observations of 327,755 species by 1,529,298 observers. Don't forget to update your photo licensing before April 15th. Read all about it in the blog.

Enjoy the snow!

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