Identification tasks

Please remember when doing identifications.

  • FAVE any observation that is outstanding in any way.
    Rather fave too many than too few!

  • Mark PLANTED any plants or captive animals that you encounter, even if you do not identify them. But if you can add a family (at least) level ID.
    (Cape Town seems to be drowning in these!! We need to weed these out - we want people to go out of their gardens into the veld and nature reserves).

  • Add helpful comments for observations - some copy/biolerplate is available below - please feel free to copy-paste them (or create your own) on the observations.
    .- without pictures
    .- with more than one species per observation (mark them as life)
    .- duplicates (where one specimen is spread over several observations - it is OK to post different individuals separately, but please dont encourage this except for rarer animals)

Good luck with the identifications. By now your uploads should be done. So please assist with the IDs ::

only 80 more hours left for identifications

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Please note that iNaturalist can only cope with a single species per observation. This observation will please need to be split into several observations: one per species. Note you can have several photos, but they must be the same species at the same place at the same time.
It is easy on the web: On the top right at "EditV" click "V" and choose "Duplicate." Then identify the organism you want and untick the checkboxes next to the other photos. Click Save. Then come back here, click "Edit," and untick the photos saved in the duplicate, and Save. Repeat until all are saved.

On the smartphone, it is a little more involved. All of the photos should have been automatically saved in the photo gallery. Please use the app to create a new observation for each species uploading the photo(s): check the date, location and location error. When done, please either edit this observation to remove the extra photos, or delete it if you have posted them all.
More tips here:
Remember when taking pictures with the app, use the + or add icon to upload more pictures for the same organism, but SAVE between organisms.

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Is this a duplicate observation of the previous observation for this species? Please note that observations of the same organism at the same time and place should be on the same observation. Please delete this observation after moving the picture to the original observation.
On the iNaturalist App, please use the "+" or camera icon to upload more photos onto an observation. Save only when all your photos of that organism are taken. If you are using the website upload wizard, you can drag cards on top of another to combine them.
If you accidentally uploaded images as separate observations, please combined them into one, and delete these duplicates. Here is a tutorial that shows how:

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This appears to be a captive or cultivated organism. I have marked it as such. Please confirm.
Please mark definite captive animals and planted plants as "captive/cultivated", when you upload their observations. You can also do this in Data Quality Assessment section below by clicking "thumbs down" alongside "Organism is wild?".
If you disagree with my assessment, please click the "thumbs up" alongside "Organism is wild?" in the DQA, and tell us why.

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There is no picture or sound on this observation. Please sync your app so that your pictures/sounds will upload. This happens if the signal is not strong enough or if there is a power outage. On your home page ("me") press the sync button, or swipe down to sync. Make sure that all your observations have uploaded. Dont forget to pop back occasionally to see if you have any messages.
If this was a mistake, then please delete this observation.

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