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Nothing makes an August post trumpeting "4,000 observations" look older than seeing that the project total has nearly doubled since then! Congratulations, everyone! As of this writing, we've cracked 700 species reported to the ESNPS, including many of our focal bees, flies, beetles, and moths. We've gotten confirmations of rare bumble bees like Bombus borealis, B. citrinus, B. fervidus, B. pensylvanicus, and B. terricola; records of rare flies like the wonderfully named Bare-cheeked Bumble Fly (Criorhina nigriventris); and new observations of the rarely encountered hairy flower scarab beetles (genus Trichiotinus) and the flower moths (genus Schinia). Observations on the more common pollinators are also important, as the distribution of these species in NY has never before been fully documented.

We've also wrapped up our second of three years of statewide sampling, and are busily preparing specimens to identify them to species with the help ...más ↓

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We need your assistance documenting New York's pollinators! This iNaturalist project is an important component of the Empire State Native Pollinator Survey, which aims to determine the conservation status of a wide array of New York's native insect pollinators, focusing on certain focal groups of bees, flies, moths, and beetles in nonagricultural habitats.

Our focal species as as ...más ↓

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