Chrysolina (Naluhia) acervata Bechyně 1948

Elytra red, covered with round dark spots, irregularly arranged, often confluent and asymmetrical. Elytral puncture rows mostly irregular (partly arranged in indistinct rows), with fine barly visible punctures among dense, irregular punctures in intervals. Dorsum rufous with black spots. Length 7.5 - 8.3 mm.

Type locality: 'Bas Congo'.
Recorded from Namibia (Zambezi Region)

Original description in:
Bechyně, J. 1948. Coléoptères d'Angola. Phytophaga, Chrysomelidae et Halticidae. Revue Suisse de Zoologie 55 (4, no. 29)

Key (page 452) and figure 18 in:
Bieńkowski, A. (2021) Book preview/manuscript. Chrysolina of the World. Taxonomic Review. 5b. Review Chrysolina-Pleurosticha.

iNat observation:

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