Homoneura rhodesi Curran 1938

Rusty reddish yellow; frons longer than wide; abdomen with incomplete median brown vitta; wings with six brown spots. Length, 4.5 mm.

Description & illustration of wing in:
Curran, C.H. 1938. The African Lauxaniidae (Diptera). American Museum Novitates 979.

Face and front yellowish white, the frontal vitta yellow; occiputreddish yellow. Front distinctly longer than wide, with tiny blackish hairs on the anterior two-thirds; ocellars long and strong. Palpi yellow. Antennae reddish, the arista brown and short plumose.
Thorax yellow, the dorsum rusty reddish and with grayish-yellow pollen that does not obscure the ground color. The mesonotum bears a pair of broad obscure reddish-brown vittae lying just inside the dorsocentrals and the scutellum is of the same color except on the border and a slender median line. Three pairs of dorsocentrals.
Legs yellowish; anterior femora with a very weak comb on the apical third.
Wings cinereous hyaline, tinged with luteous in front, and bearing six brown spots, one over each of the crossveins, one on the end of the second vein and one slightly before it on the third vein, and spots before the apices of the third and fourth veins. Squamae rusty reddish, with tawny fringe. Halteres yellow.
Abdomen rusty reddish yellow, very thinly pollinose, the third, fourth and fifth segments each with median apical brown triangles that extend forward to form an interrupted, incomplete median vitta. Marginals on the second segment weak and not conspicuous.

Type locality: Harare, Zimbabwe

iNat observation: https://www.inaturalist.org/observations/192233947

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