Species list updated

We have updated the species list for the project to incorporate changes to species' rankings over the last several months. This resulted in about 275 taxa added and 40 removed.

If your project settings for private/obscured location details are set to "Yes, no matter who adds the observation to the project." then any future records you enter will be added to the project automatically.

If you want to quickly check and add any records of the newly tracked species, just follow these steps:

  1. go to the project page
  2. scroll down and click the "add from your observations" button.
  3. At the top of the new screen, click the "batch edit" button, then click select "all", then click "add to project" and select the NHIC project. This will add all of the records that meet the NHIC project criteria. You may have to do a few batches depending on how many suitable records you have!

Thanks everyone for your help in tracking Ontario's rare species!

Publicado el mayo 2, 2018 04:45 TARDE por mikeburrell mikeburrell


Hello, is there a way to check all my records for NHIC status? The directions above seem only to apply to existing NHIC group records of mine since I go to the group before selecting all records. Thanks

EDIT: I've found that I can also start at my full list and add them all the NHIC, and it will add them if appropriate. Maybe the way you described also worked but with my way, I can see the ones that did not match and were rejected. Rob

Publicado por robinlanark hace alrededor de 4 años

Hi @robinottawa I'm not totally clear on what you mean. Do you want to add all of your existing (suitable) records to the project? If so, there's an easy way to do that: https://inaturalist.ca/projects/nhic-rare-species-of-ontario/journal/9226-what-records-are-eligible-and-how-can-i-quickly-add-them-to-the-project

Publicado por mikeburrell hace alrededor de 4 años

Thanks, Mike. I have found a way and did it. All the best,

Publicado por robinlanark hace alrededor de 4 años

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