Time to Vote for September 2021

Time to Vote for September 2021

Nominations so far are here:


other favourites include:

To vote, please fave.
You may fave as many observations as you like.
You may add new nominations, but adding this project to the observation.

Voting will be by faves (as at close of voting),
. - - - if tied, broken by comments,
. - - - - - - - if tied broken by IDs,
. - - - - - - - - if still tied then most recently signed-up user will be winner.

Voting will be tallied at some random time on the first Sunday on or after the 10th of the following month.

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Septembers winner is
Cornu aspersum Brown Garden Snail posted by @sallyslak and observed during Sep 2021 at Mossel Bay Local Municipality

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hank you for nominating, voting and supporting our Observation of the month.

Please keep an eye open on notices for completing our backlog - we are almost up to date now.

And dont forget to nominate and vote for October 2021!! Who will be the winner this month?

Nominations so far:

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