Things that were destined to be have been postponed. But we cannot await the future: we must embrace the present and learn from the past.

Time to Vote for the outstanding Months of 2021 These are:

October: Select and vote for October
Deadline: 11 June

November: Peruse and decide for November
Deadline: 25 June

December: Explore and Fave for December
Deadline: 09 July

You may vote for as many as you like. Simply click the Faves Button. The winner will be the observation with the most faves at the deadline. Further details on the project page.

Do you think that some observations were left out? You may still nominate observations for consideration until the deadline. How? In the links above, remove the project "Nominations Observation of the month" from the filter and find your favourites. Add the Project "Nominations Observation of the month" to the observation and vote: all nominations must have at least one vote.

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