April Update

Spring is sprung!

Common Green Darners are here, pretty much on schedule. The first iNat observation on CGD was on Mar 20 in Hamilton Co thanks to Dave Tibbetts! Others quickly followed - Jay Heiser in Coshocton Co, Kim Smith in Lucas Co, Sarah White in Montgomery Co, Lisa Claire Miller in Franklin Co, Rajat Saksena in Marion Co, me in Greene Co (finally!), Jackie Riley in Lucas Co, and Carol Rommel in Sandusky Co.

Sightings should continue to ramp up - roughly in this order: Fragile Forktail any day now; possibly storm-blown Variegated Meadowhawk anytime; and Blue Corporal real soon now.

Other early dates from the last 5 years: Eastern Forktail, Apr 8; Swamp Darner, Apr 13; Painted Skimmer, Apr 13; Southern Spreadwing, Apr 13; Citrine Forktail, Apr 14; Carolina Saddlebags, Apr 14; Ebony Jewelwing, Apr 15; Springtime Darner, Apr 17; Blue Dasher, Apr 17; Common Whitetail, Apr 19; Uhler's Sundragon, Apr 19; Stream Cruiser, Apr 20; Aurora Damsel, Apr 23; Twin-spotted Spiketail, Apr 26; Familiar Bluet, Apr 26; Beaverpond Baskettail, Apr 26; Dot-tailed Whiteface, Apr 27; Lancet Clubtail, Apr 27; Azure Bluet, Apr 29; Skimming Bluet, Apr 29; Common Baskettail, Apr 29; and Orange Bluet, Apr 30.

Remember we're already in tick season - don't forget the insect-shield sock and repellant. If you step into the tall grass to get that lifer-photo - do the tick check!

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I've seen some larvae that still require my macro lens. There's nothing close to adults of any species (other than common flies and Western Bees) out and about. The aquatic plants are all still way below the waterline. Jefferson and Harrison counties are either behind schedule or got wiped out by flooding. Though out here in rural Frackland our pollinators and flying beauties have been halved every year for about 5 summers now. I think I'll go check out the state parks and see if they are fairing better.

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I need to get moving. Great reminder on ticks too! So far on my casual searches on my daily walks here in Northern Wood County, no signs of an Odonata.

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