October Update

Now October. Days are growing shorter quickly now. Odonata can still be found, but numbers are increasingly limited. We were on track for our best September ever - then we got a chill that slowed things down considerably. We did pass the 2020 observation numbers, but fell short of 2019.

For the year we are over 24,000 research grade observations, and over 1,000 contributors. We have matched 2019 and 2020 with 139 species. Still hoping for a Striped Saddlebags or something else to show up and get us to 140 species for the year.

Geauga County moved up to 77 species for the year. This is a new high species count for a county in a season. Previous high species counts were Lucas (75) and Geauga (74), both in 2020.

We got help from a number of folks on under-represented counties. Monroe (16), Carroll (20), and Gallia (25) Co's are now on the low end of submissions.

Four species now have 2021 records from all 88 Ohio counties. These are Eastern Pondhawk, Widow Skimmer, Blue Dasher and Fragile Forktail. These species, along with Common Whitetail and Eastern Forktail are the most observed species for 2021. At this point we might get a Eastern Forktail to 88 counties, but probably not for anything else.

Most commonly observed species in recent years for October: Autumn Meadowhawk, Familiar Bluet, Shadow Darner, Eastern Forktail, Fragile Forktail, Blue-faced Meadowhawk, Eastern Pondhawk, Great Spreadwing. Once were into November, it's mostly Autumn Meadowhawks.

If you made photographs of Odonata this year and haven't submitted them to iNaturalist, please do. All data has value. If you collected Odonata this year and would like the data to become part of the Odonata Society database, please send me the pertinent data points: Species, Date, Location, Collector, and the collection where the specimens are located.

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https://www.inaturalist.org/observations/96642458. I have a few more pics of this...but they may not be helpful. What is needed for id?

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When it comes to meadowhawks, would it be advantageous to net non autumn meadowhawks and band wing, or is speciation just not definitive? I've read a bit and it seems not worth it. I don't currently net any species.

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@monicap273 , yes net the meadowhawks, take close up photos of hamules (male) or female subgenital plate to ID to species.

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