October 10 Update

One/third of the way through October - there is progress!

With Rick Nirschl's Striped Saddlebags in Lucas Co on October 4, we are now at 140 species for the year. This is a new high species count, surpassing 139 in 2019 and 2020. There may be other Striped Saddlebags, check your local wetlands.

We are approaching 25,000 research grade observations on the year.

We have five Species with 2021 observations in all 88 counties:
Blue Dasher
Eastern Pondhawk
Fragile Forktail
Widow Skimmer
Eastern Forktail

Still looking for some observations to get select species to 88 counties for 2021:
For Eastern Amberwing - Guernsey, Meigs
For Common Whitetail - Lawrence, Marion, Monroe, Vinton

For October, we've logged 34 species, Autumn Meadowhawk is way in the lead with 92 observations, then Familiar Bluet and Eastern Pondhawk in the mid-twenties. We had 38 October species in 2020, and 45 in 2019 - so there are still things to see.

Counties on the low end for the year:

Co Obs Sp #People
Noble 39 18 3
Van Wert 34 21 2
Meigs 30 15 3
Gallia 25 17 4
Monroe 23 13 3
Carroll 22 14 3
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Thanks for the update!!

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