January 6 Update - 2021 Flight Range Expansion

One of the things we keep track of is the range of days that a species is seen in Ohio. We call this the flight range, this helps know when we should expect to start (or stop) looking for a species. By keeping track, when can also have some insight to on-going changes,

For 2021, we established 20 new early or late flight dates to existing species.

Species Common Name New Flight Date iNat User County
Azure Bluet new late flight 11-Nov rbarricklow Lucas
Black-shouldered Spinyleg new late flight 18-Sep lundbergj Hamilton
Blue-tipped Dancer new late flight 27-Sep jheiser Ashland
Carolina Saddlebags new early flight 10-Apr jcefus Stark
Citrine Forktail new late flight 11-Nov jheiser Coshocton
Common Green Darner new early flight 20-Mar dtibbetts Hamilton
Common Green Darner new late flight 12-Nov chelsealynne Crawford
Common Whitetail new early flight 13-Apr azornoutdoors Stark
Dragonhunter new late flight 18-Sep jimlem Champaign
Jade Clubtail new early flight 6-Jun jimlem Auglaize
Lilypad Forktail new early flight 20-May dmarsh2 Fairfield
Rambur's Forktail new early flight 30-Jun lundbergj Hamilton
Russet-tipped Clubtail new late flight 20-Oct lundbergj Hamilton
Smoky Rubyspot new late flight 20-Oct jheiser Coshocton
Sphagnum Sprite new late flight 26-Aug monicap273 Wayne
Springtime Darner new early flight 13-Apr curtisabell Clermont
Striped Saddlebags new late flight 14-Oct critterfriends0725 Lorain
Tiger Spiketail new early flight 27-May jimlem Logan
Vesper Bluet new early flight 15-May hokiedvm Allen

I should add that with Duckweed Firetail being newly identified for Ohio (Clermont Co), the range is all new at 14 Jul - 23 Jul. Duckweed Firetail - another great Odonata name!

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Great information!!! Thanks and thanks for all you do.

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Thanks Jim!

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