Mar 7 - and just like that, Green Darners

I had a couple reports from Saturday that something seen flying might have been a dragonfly. OK, good. Then on Sunday, smwhite got a couple photos! See Nicely done!

This observation sets a new early flight date for Common Green Darner (Anax junius), but it is now also our earliest flight date for any Odonate in the wild (not greenhouse).

Warm temps and a strong south wind brought us these dragons - and probably some others as well. Not sure how they will fair with the change in the weather. But the 2022 season is now officially underway.

Many of you know about the Ohio Odonata Society and our monthly newsletter (Ohio Dragon Flyer). The March issue was sent out last week, and there were one or more technical issues. If you did not get the newsletter, please let me know. Also, if you would like to be added to the distribution list, send me your email and you will be added.

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I live in Jefferson, yet I am right on the edge of Harrison County-so maybe I can help with what's needed. I've really just been taking pics of whats on my property or what I come across as I'm not much of a photographer. However, I just got a new camera with serious zoom range and I'm pretty excited about catching all of the beauties that got away...Could you please put me on the newsletter list: Where do I find the species that are represented by the numbers? I'll look through the data but I've got very limited internet so a direct link would be very much appreciated.

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I would like to be placed on your newsletter list.
Thank you 😊

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