Diario del proyecto ReefBlitz 2023

13 de junio de 2023

Impact of Reef Blitz 2023 and feedback requested

The impact of Reef Blitz 2023 from 1-8 June was 1970 observations of 589 species by 83 observers and 132 identifiers (215 people). These numbers exceed the impact from Reef Blitz 2022.

A summary of the observation is Fish comprised 48.8% with the most observed species the Goldstripe Butterflyfish Chaetodon aureofasciatus and Moses’ Snapper Lutjanus russellii.

Most observed shark or ray was Reef Manta Ray (Mobula alfredi)

Most observed coral was Greater Maze Corals Genus Platygyra

Most observed bird was Silver Gull (Chroicocephalus novaehollandiae)

There were 138 observations of 38 threatened species.with the Small giant clam (Tridacna maxima )(vulnerable on CITES)

Pest species, 3 long-spined crown of thorns (Acanthaster planci) were observed by 2 people

Rare species- Redstrip tusjkfish (ie first time observed). https://inaturalist.ala.org.au/observations/166077830

A small number of people made the majority of observations: Adam Smith 524, Matthew Wilke 499, Tobbias Missebuko 149, Rachelle Brown144. All others were less than 100 observations and 30 (our of 83) people made only 1 observation

The event organisers are interested in

  1. Feedback on this years event and how to improve
  2. Ideas and collaborators for a report or scientific paper on Reef Blitz results
  3. Financial or in-kind support for proposed event 2024
  4. Use of this data by community groups, schools, academics, tourism operators or management
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7 de junio de 2023

Milestone 1000 observations and 400 species for Reef Blitz 2023

Congratulations to the 61 observers and 94 identifiers (`155 people) who have contributed so far to the Reef Blitz 2023 project.
A milestone of over 1000 observations and 400 species has been reached so far. There is 1.5 days to go with the project finishing on midnight on 8 June World Oceans day.

The most observed species is the Moses' Snapper (Lutjanus russellii) and most observed coral is Flowerpot Corals (Genus Goniopora), most observed bird is Silver Gull (Chroicocephalus novaehollandiae) and crustacean is Crenate Swimming Crab (Thalamita crenata). Check out all the species here

The geographical range of observations is impressive with Port Douglas in the north and Surfers Paradise in the south. There are some huge gaps with no observations in the far north and no observations in the Coral Sea.

We are planning a big event for the final day with a Reef Blitz of John Brewer Reef with the Museum of Underwater Art and Sealink and 60 people.

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5 de junio de 2023

Celebrating half way for Reef Blitz 2023 project

Thank you very much to the committed iNaturalists, fishers, snorkelers and divers, beach walkers and birdwatchers who have added observations and identifications. This is a Day 4 and mid-project update as we aim to conclude on 8 June for World Ocean Day.

Collectively 130 people (49 and 81 identifiers) have achieved 619 observations of 278 species from throughout Queensland coastal areas. The top three observers are @adam_smith3 , @wilkie329 and @amber_bird1 . The top three identifiers are @adam_smith3, @ben_travaglini and @meta4

A snapshot is 42.5% of observations and 120 species of fish, 24% and 67 species of molluscs and 22% and 61 species of other animals.

The top three observed species in the project are Stripey Snapper (Lutjanus carponotatus), Moses' Snapper (Lutjanus russellii) and Flowerpot Corals (Genus Goniopora).

The spatial range of observations is from Cairns to Burleigh Heads with a majority of sightings from Townsville, Bowen and the Capricorn Bunker Group (Lady Elliot and Heron Island).


It would be great if you can share knowledge with other people to be involved with a big focus on Thursday 8 June for World Oceans day.

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1 de junio de 2023

Great effort on Day 1 of Reef Blitz but observers needed

1 June is Day 1 of Reef Blitz 2023. The observations are coming in from Goolboodi (Orpheus) Island to Brisbane. The numbers are 131 observations of 75 species with 12 observers and 14 identifiers (26 people). The most observed species is Salad Coral (Turbinaria mesenterina). Reports from the Townsville snorkelers were challenging conditions with 1-2.5m visibility and best at Arthur Bay and Middle Reef. https://inaturalist.ala.org.au/projects/reefblitz-2023...

Top observers: Adam Smith, Tobbias Missebuko and Matthew Wilke
Top identifiers: Baronsamedi, Jeffwj, adam_smith3

This project concludes on 8 June World Oceans Day and is aiming for 1500 plus observations so we need help please

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31 de mayo de 2023

31 May send information session and staring ReefBlitz 2023 1 June

Good morning
We have an online information session at 2pm today Thursday 31 May
If you wish to meet the team and ask questions please join us

The countdown is now less than 24 hours to go
Reef Blitz starts on the 1 June and concludes on World Oceans Day 8 June.
This is a fantastic opportunity to participate in reef activities such as citizen science and going for a snorkel, dive or fish. Your knowledge of marine science will also increase.

I am wondering:
Who will make the first observation tomorrow?
What species will it be?
What will we observe between 1-8 June that will benefit the health of coral reefs and oceans?
How many people will be involved over the next 8 days?

FYI- we have extended the geographical boundary to be more than just the GBRWHA and to include other Queensland waters (consistent with the area of the Fishes of Queensland iNaturalist project)

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20 de abril de 2023

Information session 21 April 2023

We have planned an Information Session for ReefBLITZ 2023 from 11am (Qld) time on Friday 21 April. Please join to learn how you can increase knowledge and stewardship and have fun in the Great Barrier Reef and ocean.
Join Zoom Meeting

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11 de abril de 2023

50 days to go for Reef Blitz 2023

Please join us for Reef Blitz 2023. This is an annual event that brings together divers, fishers, scientists, students and conservationists and multiple citizen science programs to help Queensland communities collect a snapshot of information relevant to reef health.

Started in 2014, ReefBlitz has evolved from individual daily events to co-ordinated events involving thousands of people and thousands of data points. Jenn Loder, Great Barrier Reef Foundation

“The more people that join in citizen science activities, the more data scientists can use to make informed decisions about the reef and the environment, and the more they understand and care for the environment too,” Queensland Chief Scientist

“We found that more than half of people attending a reef citizen science event were likely to adopt a new behaviour to help reefs” Dr Angela Dean, University of Queensland

When: 1-8 June 2023
Where: Great Barrier Reef
Support: Join us as an individual, business or partner and make a positive difference. Connect us to support with vessel, logistics or funding and collaborate to help the reef and communities.
Best fishes

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