Strange Shrimps to Look For

Here is a strange little critter that @tony_wills spotted and it is a first for MT (Mātaki Taiao which is the Maori for iNatNZ) . So how many of us can spot others? Apparently they are maybe 5 to 10mm long. In the surf near and amongst seaweed, lowtide.

If you check out the obs you will also find animations of how this little critter moves :)

Happy searching! :D

Publicado el julio 3, 2018 01:27 TARDE por tangatawhenua tangatawhenua


Added a couple more photos showing head on view and one on the edge of seaweed which might help you know where to look.

Publicado por tony_wills hace casi 6 años

So amazing! They're like little aliens. :)

Publicado por sambiology hace casi 6 años

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