Something New to Look For - Lagis australis

Something new to keep an eye out for - a delicate trumpet or ice cream cone :) So far we have 2 obs, one from the Houhora Harbour and another one from the Whangateau harbour which are both on the east coast of northland, but that of course does not mean that they are not lurking further south or on the west coast, it just means that an intrepid sea hunter has not found them there yet LOL

From the family taxon page:
Pectinariidae, or the trumpet worms or ice cream cone worms, are a family of marine polychaete worms that build tubes using grains of sand roughly resembling ice cream cones or trumpets. These structures can be up to 5 centimetres (2 in) long.

Happy hunting!

Publicado el julio 29, 2018 09:55 TARDE por tangatawhenua tangatawhenua


Quite interesting, I found plenty of them of Point Chevalier.

Publicado por predomalpha hace más de 5 años

You should get some obs up when you see them next :)

Publicado por tangatawhenua hace más de 5 años

I got some obs up already, maybe sometime later I will check on there numbers (Im hoping to go at night so see if I can find any Alcithoe arabica wandering the mud).
Maybe I will see some live Lagis australis.

Publicado por predomalpha hace más de 5 años

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