Identification of Truetok Tokkies Toktokkus

Identification of Toktokkus (Truetok Tokkies)

Key, figures and distribution map are available in these two papers

Features used in the key: be sure to photograph them - fortunately this key seems to be based primarily on dorsal features, so ID in this genus to species should be very easy:

  • Elytral disc ( flat or convex)
  • Elytra apex (slope, depressions, margins)
  • Elytra shape (round, elongate)
  • Elytral hairs (black, golden, absent)
  • Humeri (front edges of elytra) (prominent or not)
  • Tubercles (shape [pointed, rounded, indistinct], arrangement: # rows and position, density, angle of point, size (all same or "microtubercles"present), separate or merging ("confluent")
  • Prosternal collar (margin shape)
  • Pronotum punctures (prominent, micro, none)
  • Body size (small < 25mm > large) - will need a scale or notes!
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