Doughdee doh!

It's exciting. She's exciting. She is, to paraphrase Warren Zevon, 'an excitable girl.' Fortunately, she is excited about iNaturalist, about arthropods, and about the Center Hill Preserve's wealth of species, it's biodiversity. She is constantly offering new 'observations.' In any case, take note, Doughdee (her iNaturalist name), is our Dodie Frank, a new board member of the SEMass Pine Barrens Alliance, and a welcome infusion of intelligence, experience and - that most important ingredient for nonprofit success, enthusiasm. Please join me in welcoming her to SEMPBA, Center Hill, and the Massachusetts Coastal Pine Barrens and - where you can - help her with identifications and with the many projects that she has jumped into.

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An inventory of the species found within the Center Hill Preserve, associating them with the location of the natural communities (12/40) found within the preserve that are part of the Massachusetts Coastal Pine Barrens ecosystem (MCPB)- the second-largest remaining example of this ecosystem in the world. The MCPB stretches from Kingston and Duxbury to the north, south to the Cape Cod ...más ↓

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