I believe the original list was compiled by Paul Johnson, a biologist and ranger at Pinnacles (euproserpinus on iNat). Any mistakes in transcription are my own. See the original for notes about uncertainty, potential undescribed species, etc.

Omitted, mostly b/c I couldn't find matching names

  • Myrmacozela - doesn't seem to be a current name in any catalog I can find.
  • Jocara trabilis
  • Bandera
  • Macaria replaced with Speranza
  • Hemeroplanis concoloralis
  • Euchalcia albivitta
  • Cobubatha albiciliata
  • Xanthothrix neumogenii
  • Xestia indeterminata

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Fuente: Moths of Pinnacles National Monument (Work in Progress). 11 August 2008. (Vínculo)
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