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Perro Doméstico (Canis familiaris)




Abril 29, 2018 a las 09:54 MAÑANA CDT


I had to take a picture of these prints in the concrete of the shelter floor. The Crotty Park shelter is open on the east side with lots of tables. The picture of the string of prints has to be rotated 90 degrees to the right in order to see correct orientation with the blue picnic table legs at the top. Comparing the print to images: the claw/nail marks are present and the pad is wider and more triangular than a domestic cat. I thought that it was too interesting to pass up and post.

Perro Doméstico - Photo (c) Павел Петрушин, todos los derechos reservados, subido por Павел Петрушин
Identificación de stoobing88: Perro Doméstico (Canis familiaris)
Añadido el 09 mayo 2018
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