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04 de diciembre de 2023

December - South Florida - Nature Calendar

December - South Florida - Nature Calendar

Dec & Mar are the deadliest months in FL for car accidents

Portuguese Man-Of-War Jellyfish wash up on shore in late Fall

Bald Eagles here

American Robins arrive

Eastern Indigo Snakes breed from Oct-Feb. During this time the snakes are
found in sandhills and, although this is the peak of
winter, indigo snakes are active at temps (50-60 F) that
are typically too cool for other snake species.

White Pelicans arrive to the Florida Bay, Everglades over winter.

Dec at the Loxahatchee Wildlife Refuge: With cooler weather, small mammals are seen more frequently. Early morning visitors may see grey foxes, otters, and marsh rabbits along the impoundment edges in the tall grasses. The number of wading and marsh birds increase with the cooler and drier weather.

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16 de diciembre de 2023

Project's Creation

I have planned for a while to take my efforts in the direction of underwater ocean marine life. Today I created this project and I have included my only 4 observations that qualify. On iNat I have 581 animal species as of 12.16.23. Could this new ecosystem help me reach an additional 300 animals? That is my goal for 2024.

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