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09 de febrero de 2016

Want to help with the National Parks BioBlitz in D.C.?

I've been working closely with @loarie and the National Park Service to prepare for the National Parks BioBlitz happening all over the country in May 2016. iNaturalist is a central component of the National Parks BioBlitz and we want to do everything we can to make sure that each species seen on an inventory gets recorded in iNaturalist. To that end, we are recruiting special volunteers that we are calling "iNaturalist Pro-Observers" to go on each inventory to help record the species seen and help inventory participants troubleshoot any problems they encounter.

We're working on training materials to get Pro-Observers prepared that we will distribute broadly to be used in advance of any other BioBlitz, but I am most closely involved in the event here in D.C. where we've already been working hard to get the word out to people who might be interested in leading inventories.

If you are in or near D.C., we would love to have your help!

Sign up here to volunteer as an iNaturalist Pro-Observer in/near D.C.

Sign up here to lead an inventory in/near D.C.

Thank you to @treegrow, @muir, and @jhammock for signing up already! And welcome to iNaturalist @francestoler, @dossification, @bbot20008, @joem50, @rsteele936, and @kostihl08!

Tagging @yakfur, @congonaturalist, @treichard, @kylefitzroy, @ligraceshen, @calopteryx, @steveo54, @jessica32, @dctr, @botanygirl, @timbir5, @ehurme, @ecologyelise @briangratwicke because we think you might be around.

I've attached a few observations from our site visits to different NPS units last week with @maryeford and @jbrown. You can message me on iNaturalist or email me at if you have questions. We look forward to working with you at the BioBlitz!

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